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Ivy League educated.  Wall Street trained.  Industry savvy. 

Bill Giannone brings a world of knowledge and experience to the restoration industry, and all of his talents and expertise are yours for the taking.  Bill spent over twenty-five years on Wall Street, where his great talent with numbers and instant analysis made him one of the market's most successful traders.  Over the last decade, Bill has taken those skills and applied them throughout the restoration industry, helping dozens of companies on hundreds of projects and assignments.  From managing and administrating multi-million dollar restoration projects, to creating business plans for small and mid-size firms, to working daily with owners and their teams, Bill's ability to see the vision, create the path, and drive success is unmatched in our industry. 

Now, Bill is offering these services- once reserved for only an elite few- to you and your company!  Through Restoration CEO, you can access all of Bill's talents and skills for your own firm.  Bill will meet with you and your team, observe your company, listen to your story, analyze your financials, and help you develop a plan for greater success.  PLUS, Bill will be there every step of the way, helping you drive toward your goals!


Restoration CEO is the missing piece in your business.  While you concentrate on your work, WE will provide all of the support and expertise that your business needs to take it to the next level!  Whether you need financial analysis, leadership training, systems and processes, or simply a different perspective, Restoration CEO will provide you with all of that- and more.

At Restoration CEO, we take a fresh approach to consulting.  Unlike most of the pack, we are not former restorers trying to carve out a "second career" in the industry.  Instead, we bring a lifetime of true business and finance experience to this industry.  What makes us unique is our ability to look at your company with a true "fresh set of eyes" and advise you on what is best for your business.  We don't use old, tired models that have been around the industry for decades; rather, we treat your business as it should be treated- on its own merits, and we do everything we can to differentiate you from your competition.  Using Bill's knowledge and experience, we will be able to quickly analyze and adapt your business for the next steps.  After all, you are a businessman first- your business is restoration.

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